Project Description

The project takes the Mediterranean style as its main design concept, bringing the crystal clear, serene image of sunshine, wind and the sea, but familiar, elegant and luxurious. Rustic and natural paving materials such as brick or stone along with simple layout as circular, square or diamond patterns interspersed with grass arrays are brought together in harmony with the architectural design of the area. Along with the design aesthetic are rippling curves and deviated circles taken from the image of “sea foam” when the waves come ashore bring inspiration for freedom and clarity.

The whole area is divided into three main functional landscape subdivisions: villa landscape, street landscape, riverside landscape. The landscape of the villa uses Mediterranean-style col-cut trees and flowering shrubs as highlights and fences to create a private cozy living space of each villa. The street landscape is designed with shade trees, shrubs and pruned trees always ensures pedestrian as well as the entrance of the villas’ convenience. The lakeside landscape is a gathering place, hangout or have fun; therefore, the landscape of this area is an open space with functions such as: walking path, BBQ space by the lake, sightseeing area and children playground.

Open spaces are always a great place for people to meet, communicate and connect with each other, a place to bring many emotions to people in their living space.