Project Description

We have a dream!
The dream of a Da Lat sparkling in the eyes, in the memory, of a Da Lat that has a day in 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. It is a green pine hill steeped in mist, with the streets sloping around the hills, houses with the smell of wood, the surface of a green lake through many days of sunshine and rain. Everything is peaceful and rustic but bustling with laughter from visitors. Along with the feeling of the landscape space, there are many interesting and exciting activities in one day: sunrise on the ​​mist sea, workshops about tea, photography, music, art … This is not just a simple resort space, not a place to just checkin photos, but this is a place to feel Da Lat in the most natural way, in the most not hidden way, the place where everything “lingers” in the emotions, in the memories of the wanderlusts. We call it Sparkling Dream.
The main idea was to restore a bare hill from farmland back to a misty green pine hill of the Misty City. From a distance, there would be a pine hill with wooden roofs, inside is a small street slope wrapped around the slope, the small paths weaving through the old pine canopies, wild carpets, purple myrtle romantic, create the most natural and sophisticated space as much as possible through every item, every canopy, every small path.

Project Details