Project Description

The common landscape area is agreed to cover the whole project including the green grass and tropical trees as the main theme, the green roof of pluchea indica is also included as a greening solution for the area – with the purpose to make the Clubhouse as a Green Gem among the colorful subdivisions that we have defined. And finally, the water surface is on the front where the sign is located. At first, the architectural design we received did not include this water surface, after considering we decided to design a shallow lake under the sign board, a slight change in design to return the water surface to its original usage for everyone. So what else makes us wonder? Is the highlight. We transformed the concept of Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter in the landscape orientation of the entire Condontel project into the Clubhouse – this will be the signal place for the whole area with 4 plants-4 colors-4 growing seasons along the front of the building, so that as the time passes by each color of each tree there will be a function to signal the arrival of the new season and to signal an entire district that is glowing with that flower color.

 Clubhouse area
Starting with the location, there is an important point to note that the height of the Clubhouse in the overall project is the lowest and is located at the entrance of the subdivision, along the lake – which means every other subdivision can view it through the other side of a lake where tall buildings and lakeside promenades are located. In order to solve the problem, in the investor’s mind, this place will be the place to sell their real estate products in the future, we focus much on landscape-related mutual solutions to build a place that suits it.

Traffic island
The project area is just a traffic island, where traffic is distributed for the whole subdivision of the project. However, the project location is located at the main entrance of Condontel-Phuc An city, so it needs a symbol to fully express investor’s purpose when building Phuc An- Happiness and Binh An residential area.
The main idea is the word “NUTRITION” – take care of and nurture the souls and people of the residents here in accordance with the spirit and functions of the project. In order to visualize that spirit, we create the symbol a leaf supports the dew – the water nourishes the leaf and the leaf supports the dew.

Project Details